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Chevron Kitchenette Upgrade Donation

Thank You
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Way back in 2020, Chevron made a very large donation toward a kitchenette upgrade to our facility for the purpose of providing a kitchen area for our meeting room.  We are very excited to announce that this summer we have been working on the kitchenette upgrade, with an anticipated completion date in September.  We are scheduled for countertop installation this month, at which time we will have a fully functional kitchenette.
Chief Matis, the DFPD BOD, and the awesome DFPD Team thanks you, Chevron!


Kitchenette Upgrade Pics
                        Kitchenette Before Pic

Here are a few pictures of our "upgrade mess".   We are extremely excited to be able to provide this nice addition to our meeting room for our community, and we thank Chevron for their financial support to make it happen.

Kitchenette Upgrade Pics
             Kichenette During Pic
Kitchenette Upgrade Pics
            Kitchenette "Mess" Pic
Kitchenette Upgrade Pics
   Getting the cabinets installed